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How to eat healthy in celebrations

Everyone loves a party.

There’s something about getting together with your friends.

But with so many people trying to live healthier these days, finding tasty, healthy food in celebrations can be a challenge.

Scientists have proven that we eat more at a buffet.

If you are cooking for the party, Reduce the fat in creamy dressings or dips by using low-fat or fat-free yogurt instead of sour cream or mayonnaise.

Use flavored vinegars or lemon juice to enhance the flavor of a salad without adding fat. Or fill a spray bottle with oil and vinegar so your guests can lightly mist their salads.

If you are a guest, make sure to scan your options before plating and limiting your choices to 2 entrees, one of which is green and 1 main course.

If you are a guest, make sure to limit your sauces servings to 2 Tbsp for salad sauce and chose your main course that has less sauce or no sauce.

Avoid skipping a meal the next because you have over indulged in food during a celebration.

You are trying to build healthy habits and punishing yourself by skipping meals is not a healthy habit.

Instead, increase your workout during the week and continue with your healthy habits of cutting down on sweets and fat.